Professional Development

IUS values importance of continuous education of its employees and offers a number of ways to supports professional development of its staff.

Professional development can be done either within IUS, organized by IUS Life, or outside of IUS.

Professional development done within IUS

IUS Life offers young people and adults the opportunity to acquire and maintain skills, abilities and competencies needed to adapt to a continuously changing environment by offering a number of courses at IUS.  Depending on the type of course, IUS employees can register certain courses with reduced tuition fee.

Please see available courses organized by IUS Life at IUS Life web page and check with your supervisor if discount is offered for particular course.

Professional development done at other institutions

IUS supports professional development of its staff through various activities organized by institutions other than IUS.  These activities can be in the form of conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops, etc.

To attend an event which can improve the quality of your work, please submit details of planned activity to your supervisor for approval.